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Sue loves the creative process and the amazing feeling of being lost in painting. It feels very much like meditation. She particularly enjoys the challenge of plein air painting, painting outdoors. Plein air painting is a fascinating exploration, though unpredictable due to the challenges of changing light and weather variables.

She also spends many happy hours in her Traverse City and Tucson studios. Often smaller pieces become the genesis for larger work. Some days Sue has a specific idea, begging to be let out on to the canvas. Other days she starts a painting without a preconceived plan. Often these turn out to be only exercises in color or texture (or a waste of a particularly good canvas!), but sometimes with a pleasing result. But always these times are pure joy!

The challenge of learning to really see; color temperature, values, harmony, composition and perspective keeps Sue painting. The rich colors found in nature, the interplay of light and varied textures are intriguing to her. She finds oils best portray her message. Most often Sue paints landscapes. Occasionally, she paints still life, florals and eclectic whimsy.

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