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More About Sue

Sue laughingly says she is commitment phobic when it comes to art. She becomes very bored with repetition and thinks this has contributed to her inability to establish one style. Each painting is a new challenge that is fun to approach. Sue recognizes that she is not the same artist everyday and no two pieces are the same. Her medium of choice is oil, but she also paints with water colors, pastels and acrylic. Too much structure feels claustrophobic. She aspires to be less representational and finds abstract expressionism very appealing.

Sue’s studio is filled to the brim – paintings hang from every inch of wall space and line the floor. The ceiling may soon be covered as well! Each painting brings joy.”When I look at them, I remember where I was, what the weather was like on that day and whom I was with. So each one tells me a story others don’t see.” Sue is known for finishing the day with paint in her hair and on her face; certainly there are remnants on her hands almost every day.

Frequently Sue takes part in plein air competitions throughout the region, usually with “wet paint” sales at the end. These day-long painting events have helped Sue learn to see the natural world and capture the light, in a relatively short time frame. She is proud of those paintings, when they work, because they successfully capture a moment in time. After a glorious day of painting at the 2013 Glen Arbor Art Association Paint Out, Sue’s plein air painting of Miller Hill won the People’s Choice Award.

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